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Our goal isn't just to help you get from point A to point B, but to help you get to points C through Z as well.

If this isn't your first go at Spanish, you might have a stack of Spanish books on a shelf at home. No doubt there is a lot of great information in there, but when you take the collection as a whole, there is a lot of redundancy and a lot of gaps, meaning some important content is in all of them and yet some important content is in none of them.

De cabo a rabo is meticulously scaffolded. It makes no assumptions about what you know and explains everything little by little from the most basic elements of the language to the most advanced subtleties you've never even considered before. And no matter what your current level may be, there's almost certainly something new for you to learn in every single unit. What's more, no matter what level you join us in, you'll always have access to where we've come from and where we are going; the path will always be illuminated.

Al fin y al cabo is the much anticipated follow-up to the De cabo a rabo series and is designed for the advanced learner, whether you came up through the De cabo a rabo ranks or acquired a solid background elsewhere. 

De cabo a rabo - Vocabulario/Gramática
De cabo a rabo - Lectura
De cabo a rabo - Actividades
Al fin y al cabo - Actividades
Al fin y al cabo - Relatos y análisis
De cabo a rabo: The Most Comprehensive Guide to Learning Spanish Ever Written

Vocabulario/Gramática, two great titles packed into one single book. This double book is our recommended version as it makes it easiest for teachers and students to be on the same page, literally.

Vocabulario, broken down into 30 themed units, complements Gramática unit by unit, giving you context to learn the grammar and expand your vocabulary. If you master Vocabulario, you’ll not only be able to effectively contribute to conversations on just about every daily topic you come across with native speakers, you’ll also impress the heck out of them.

Gramática, broken down into 30 manageable units, explains, in detail, everything there is to know about Spanish grammar. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, this is the only guide you’ll ever need to push you to the next level. Gramática answers questions you never knew you had and delves into subtleties other books don’t dare to wade into.

Actividades, broken down into 30 workable units, goes hand-in-hand with Gramática and Vocabulario, providing fun and challenging practice every step of the way.

Lectura, broken down into 30 captivating chapters, offers invaluable supplemental reading that’ll show you by example how to put into practice all 30 units of the De cabo a rabo - Spanish series. This is no ordinary Spanish reader; it breaks the mold and busts all stereotypes. You’ll get to know everyday characters talking about everyday topics. You’ll feel like you’re right there in the room with them, learning who they are and sharing in their stories. They’ll become your new friends. Your challenge will be to keep making progress with each new unit of Gramática and Vocabulario so you can get to know your new friends more intimately. If you succeed, you’ll laugh, cry, and maybe even fall in love with them. You won’t want to say goodbye at the end.


If you are a beginner, just starting out with De cabo a rabo, you'll be surprised by how many real-life scenarios are within your linguistic grasp. If you have been working with De cabo a rabo for weeks, months, or even a couple years now, Lectura will be a refreshing review of previous concepts until it meets you where you are currently in the series.

Scaffolding, Unit by Unit (click to expand)

Al fin y al cabo: A Follow-up to the "De cabo a rabo" Series

Actividades - All your classic favorites from De cabo a rabo like "absurdo o normal," "todo menos," and word scramble are back and better than ever. You'll also find refreshingly new, advanced activities, now that your skills are primed for them, and it won't take long before you add them to your list of greatest hits. Everything you have learned in De cabo a rabo, and more, is in play, so you may want to have Vocabulario and Gramática "al alcance de la mano."

Relatos y análisis - New, advanced stories for the advancing reader will put what you've learned in De cabo a rabo and elsewhere to the test. Each "relato" will introduce new vocabulary and challenge you with comprehension questions, content-analysis questions, grammar-analysis questions, and a related writing prompt.

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