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Spanish for the Love of It offers in-person Spanish classes in Boulder, CO as well as online

We use the De cabo a rabo - Spanish series as the backbone for all Beginner and Intermediate classes: 

You'll get to know them intimately over the years, and they will be your best reference materials not only for your current class, but also for when you inevitably need to brush up on concepts from previous classes.

We use the very same Vocabulario/Gramática as a reference guide for our Advanced classes as well as the new advanced series: 

2024 Schedule (click to expand)

Interested in 1-on-1? Don't see a group class that works for you? Contact us to find out what options are available.
To learn what content is taught in each level, see Unit-by-Unit scaffolding on our Curriculum page.
When you're ready to join us, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Schedule a brief orientation to reserve your spot in a an available class and purchase your books ($50)
  2. Once your class spot is secured, go to our Memberships page and enroll
  3. Show up to the next class session (you could start as early as today!)

Class Breakdown:

All group classes meet once a week (46 weeks/year).

In addition to offering the classes above to help you keep building your general knowledge and skills, we offer a few specialized classes, which can be a great complimentary class or a solid stand-alone class if you prefer.

  • Oral Communication 1 - Ideal for students at the Beginner levels. This class gives students structured listening and speaking practice with topics that will be predetermined, allowing you to prepare ahead of time. These topics will be covered in both conversational and presentational formats. No one will be forced to present if they don't want to (we're all adults here). One student's speaking practice is another student's listening practice, and this will allow more seasoned beginners the opportunity to model the language for the less seasoned beginners. Regardless of your proficiency level, space will be held for you to speak to your own comfort level.

  • Oral Communication 2 - Ideal for students at Intermediate and Advanced levels. This class format is the same as Oral Communication 1, but students will take on more complex topics.

  • Caffeinated Conversation - Ideal for students at the Beginner 3 level and above. This class has no predetermined topics of conversation and is designed to provide a consistent opportunity for you to talk about daily topics and whatever may be on your mind. This is not intended to be an instructional or even guided class, but rather a quiet, dedicated space for organic conversation without the distractions of a public space. Of course there will be complimentary coffee and other drinks provided. 

  • Spanish for Healthcare - Ideal for students at Intermediate and Advanced levels who work in healthcare and would like to improve their Spanish as it relates to their professional interactions with patients. Class content will be determined by the needs of those enrolled.

  • Spanish for Travelers - Ideal for students at the Beginner 2 level and above who would like to focus on vocabulary and phrases that one typically runs into while traveling abroad. The content will be determined by the levels and specific countries of interest of those enrolled.

  • Advanced Fundamentals - Ideal for students at the Intermediate and Advanced levels who would like to take the opportunity to review the fundamentals of the language from a more advanced perspective. No matter what a student's background in the language may have been, there are always learning gaps, early concepts that didn't stick or were never taught in the first place, and, as one advances, these fundamentals too often fall through the cracks never to be seen or heard from again. This class is the remedy. In other words, this class offers you the opportunity to learn fundamentals of the language that you didn't know you didn't know.

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