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Group Classes 

Spanish for the Love of It offers Spanish courses in Boulder, CO for all skill levels*

We use De cabo a rabo  as the backbone for all Beginner and Intermediate courses: Vocabulario/Gramática, Actividades, and Lectura.  You'll get to know them intimately over the years, and they will be your best reference materials not only for your current course, but also for when you inevitably need to brush up on concepts from previous courses.

We use the very same Vocabulario/Gramática as a reference guide for our Advanced course as well as the new advanced series: Al fin y al cabo: Actividades and Relatos y análisis.

1 or 2x per week?
*Enrollment for group classes for the fall is now closed (one-on-one instruction always open).
New online classes will be posted for Jan 2024 when we reboot with a new class and payment structure.

2023 Schedule (click to expand)

Minimum student enrollment requirements may apply for group classes. 
To learn what content is taught in each level, see Unit-by-Unit scaffolding on our Curriculum page.
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