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Beginner 1 (20 weeks)

De cabo a rabo: Units 1-5

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If you've never studied Spanish before, this is your starting point. If you have studied a little before, but it was back in middle school 20, 30, or 40 years ago, we recommend you start here to refresh your memory. If you are unsure if this is a good starting point and want to test to see what you know, you have two options. 1. Once you have your copy of Lectura (required for all Beginner and Intermediate courses), read from the beginning. As you go along, it will get harder and harder and eventually wade into unfamiliar territory for you. When you start to feel you are not understanding enough for your liking, find the course that corresponds with the Unit/Chapter number you reached. 2. Take the Units 1-5 final exam (Members tab: "tests and answer keys") and compare your answers with the corresponding answer key. If you are happy with your results, take the next one: Units 6-10, and keep going until you start to identify your gaps. Find the course that corresponds with the test that gave you trouble. Required books: 1. De cabo a rabo - Vocabulario/Gramática 2. De cabo a rabo - Actividades 3. De cabo a rabo - Lectura

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