1-on-1 Lessons and Group Courses

Spanish for the Love of It offers Spanish courses for all skill levels.

We use our curriculum for all Beginner and Intermediate courses so wherever you start, your books (Vocabulario/Gramática, Actividades, and Lectura) are a one-time purchase. You'll get to know them intimately as we go along, and they will be your best reference materials not only for your current course, but also for when you inevitably need to brush up on concepts from previous courses.

Once you get to our Advanced courses, you'll want to hang on to the Vocabulario/Gramática as the need for review is inevitable.

  • 1 one-hour session per week

    1 hr

    40 US dollars
  • 2 one-hour sessions per week

    1 hr

    37.50 US dollars
  • 3 one-hour sessions per week

    1 hr

    35 US dollars
  • 4 one-hour sessions per week

    1 hr

    32.50 US dollars
  • 5 one-hour sessions per week

    1 hr

    30 US dollars
  • Personalized prompts, corrections, and feedback (Word/Google Docs)

    30 min

    $20 for <400 words
All prices listed are our in-house prices, but some of our co-op schools may charge more due to higher regional operating costs. 
Minimum student enrollment requirements may apply for group classes. 
1-on-1 lessons online are currently open
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